Introduction… Part Deux

So… I tried to start this whole writing/blogging thing again last year. Failed. Miserably.

But with today being 365 days since the last post (thanks leap year for ruining the even one-year number!), what better time than now to start again. I’ve been collecting a decent enough batch of stories, reviews, commentaries, nonsense, and the ilk over the past few months with the intentions to start again, but have Failed. Miserably.

It is April 22nd. I have a full weekend of plans. I have a cruise upcoming. A wedding a few weeks later. Buckeye Boys State is shortly after that. I’m finally re-enrolled in college to finish my Spanish classes and get my degree. Let’s all be honest with ourselves. Within two months weeks, this blog will once again Fail. Miserably.

But that is a problem for Future Andy! And current #Andy thinks this can work. At least 1 post, plus a #TBT post each week. That can happen! Some weeks, maybe even 2!

Upcoming things that I feel the need to tell the world about:

  • Mythos at Universal Islands of Adventure
  • “Select” Fruit of the Loom A-Shirts available only at Target
  • Coupons and setting myself up for Failure
  • A local Orlando blog Hates Me
  • Some Investigative Journalism that aforementioned blog is too lazy to Do
  • Bragging about my Fantasy Baseball strategy so I can look back in 5 months when everything Fails
  • Bad article titles and why I still feel compelled to capitalize the final Word
  • The inability to learn not to double-space after a Period
  • Some sort of series of posts that I don’t have a good name for yet
    • What I’ve been watching because I’m hopelessly behind on most good TV
    • The Cost of Fun!  AKA How I’ve wasted money this week!
  • … and much More!

Let’s go Future Andy. Make it happen. Gauntlet. Thrown.

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