#TBT – Introduction and the 2010 Cavs

[#Andy note – This is a post in the Throwback Thursday series where I am importing all of my old blogs and articles into the new andysite.net and giving a brief thought or two looking back 5-10 years later.]

Welcome everyone to the first Throwback Thursday article. Over the years, I’ve written blogs and articles in so many different places, numerous of which are no longer online or have dead links/images. As part of my attempt to have a compendium of… me*, I’m going to be reposting all of them here on the new andysite.net.

(*) Also, let’s be honest. It’s an easy form of content that I can toss together in about 10 minutes.

The first article in the series is in honor of the Game 3 of Cavs-Celtics happening tonight, which is of course the first road playoff game since the Cavs lost to the Celtics in 5 games back in 2010. This is an article I wrote for former Buckeye TV-alum Brian Rosen’s short lived website–LeBrownsTown in the summer of 2009 previewing the Wine and Gold’s path to the NBA finals.

4 Observations looking back…

  1. It’s only been half of a decade, but some of these names make no sense.  Who the HELL is Rob Kurz?
  2. My background has always been in TV, so I have a very “spoken” style of writing.  This isn’t the norm, so a few regular commenters on the site had some harsh words.  My favorite being someone with a handle of ‘beshketballjones’ saying, “Is this article from SI for Kids?”
  3. I was fully on the Brandon Bass bandwagon, which proved entirely incorrect since he ended up averaging only 5.8 points and 2.5 rebounds in a whopping 13 minutes per game.  I’m going to say I was just ahead of the times, since he is now starting for the Celtics.
  4. Well, I was wrong.  I really thought the Cavs would steamroll through the East and that Shaq would be the equalizer against Orlando.  As we all know that match-up never occurred because the year-older Celtics were still young enough to beat the Cavs with a little help from South Beach and a mysterious elbow.

But that matters not… Happy Times are Here Again!  Enjoy the read:

Early Eastern Conference Preview

Until next Thursday…

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