#TBT – Everything Changes and Sliced Bread

[#Andy note – This is a post in the Throwback Thursday series where I am importing all of my old blogs and articles into the new andysite.net and giving a brief thought or two looking back 5-10 years later.]

Still working on the whole… keeping up with this. For today’s Throwback Thursday, how about a quick jump in the Wayback Machine to 2006?

I don’t entirely remember the reason I started blogging back in May of 2006, but this is the 4th post I ever wrote. This is the 4th post I wrote on the same night that I started the blog.

I LITERALLY started a blog at 1AM one night, wrote 4 posts, went to bed, wrote another post in the afternoon, did who knows what else, and then wrote another post at 11PM. That’s SIX (6) POSTS in one day. This is only the sixth since I moved to WordPress, and 50% of them have been reposting old ones! Oh, to be young!

I chose this one for today specifically because it is so short, and is nothing but a quip that these days would just be a Facebook post. Hell, the Facebook post probably wouldn’t even have the ‘Continue Reading…’ expansion!

Short version: I don’t like sliced bread.

4 Observations looking back…

  1. The first few years of blogging, I felt compelled to title every entry with a song or song lyric. I’m sure I stole it from someone else.  2017 #Andy guesses it is Alan Sepinwall who starts every review, “… just as soon as I [reference or quote from TV episode he’s reviewing].” However, I don’t think 2006 #Andy Farva was reading TV critics.
  2. The song I’m referencing is obviously I Ran by A Flock Of Seagulls. Pretty sure that I first heard it on the GTA: Vice City radio. What in the world does it have to do with sliced bread though?
  3. Today in old technology! This post was spurred from having a thought while coming up with an AIM away message. AOL Instant Messenger has a fascinating history, and for the first few years of college were the dominant method of communication before smartphones became prevalent and Facebook expanded their platform to make messaging a core component. Simpler times and I still have most of my chat logs on a hard drive somewhere.
  4. I say that unsliced bread has at least 3 more uses than sliced bread, but neglected to name them. That… isn’t helpful. If I had to guess, it would be A) the ability to cut different sized slices B) the ability to carry around and just take bites out of C) the ability to… Oh, who am I kidding? I have no damn idea! The ability to swing like a baseball bat and hit things?! Yeah, let’s go with that.

So far away…

Until next Thursday…

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